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A lot of new interesting work is being done on questions of reproducibility across the sciences by diverse researchers from different disciplines. Here we share 2-3 papers every month that come from what Project Members are reading. Have a suggestion? Let us know.

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June 2020

Cowan, N., C. Belletier, J.M. Doherty, A.J. Jaroslawska, S. Rhodes, A. Forsberg, M. Naveh-Benjamin, P. Barrouillet, V. Camos, and R.H. Logie. 2020. How do scientific views change? Notes from an extended adversarial collaboration. Perspectives on Psychological Science.
Poldrack, R.A. 2019. The costs of reproducibility. Neuron 101:11-14.

May 2020

Gilmore, R.O., P.M, Cole, S. Verma, M.A. Van Aken, and C.M. Worthman. 2020. Advancing scientific integrity, transparency, and openness in child development research: challenges and possible solutions. Child Development Perspectives 14:9-14.

London, A.J. and J. Kimmelman. 2020. Against pandemic research exceptionalism. Science 368:476-477.

Wilkinson, M., M. Dumontier, I. Aalbersberg, et al. 2016. The FAIR Guiding Principles for scientific data management and stewardship. Scientific Data 3:160018.

April 2020

Nosek, B.A. and T.M. Errington. 2020. What is replication? PLoS Biology 18(3): e3000691.

Tiokhin, L., J. Hackman, S. Munira, K. Jesmin, and D. Hruschka. 2019. Generalizability is not optional: insights from a cross-cultural study of social discounting. Royal Society Open Science 6: 181386.

Wilson, B.M., C.R. Harris, J.T. Wixted. 2020. Science is not a signal detection problem. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 117(11):5559–5567.

March 2020

February 2020

Koroshetz, W.J., S. Behrman, C.J. Brame, et al. 2020. Research culture: Framework for advancing rigorous research. eLife 9:e55915.

Milton, M.J.T. and A. Possolo. 2019. Trustworthy data underpin reproducible research. Nature Physics 16:117–119.

January 2020

Bryan, C.J., D.S. Yeager, and J.M. O'Brien. 2019. Replicator degrees of freedom allow publication of misleading failures to replicate. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 116:25535–25545.

Feest, U. 2019. Why replication is overrated. Philosophy of Science 86:895–905.

Krummel, M., C. Blish, M. Kuhns, K. Cadwell, A. Oberst, A. Goldrath, K.M. Ansel, J. Chi, R. O'Connell, E.J. Wherry, M. Pepper, and The Future Immunology Consortium. 2019. Universal principled review: a community-driven method to improve peer review. Cell 179:1441–1445