The issue of reproducibility and its implications for scientific practice is relevant to research and graduate/professional training initiatives throughout the University. We believe that engaging with these issues across disciplines is a key step in advancing our understanding of reproducibility and developing strategies to enhance the quality of our research and training endeavors.

Our aim is to achieve this in four different ways:

(1) increase engagement with participants from different disciplines across the university

(2) increase the number of graduate students and postdoctoral researchers involved

(3) advance the broader intellectual and scholarly discussion on reproducibility

(4) engage the broader public about the complex dimensions of reproducibility with special attention to developing an understanding of the reasons why we should (and in some cases, should not) rely on particular scientific claims.

Activities include:

Discussion groups



Public Outreach

Coordinating ongoing engagement events with the broader public that involve participatory teams of researchers, primary consumers, and citizens modeling the necessary conversations that must be had about reproducibility, efficiency, and the trustworthiness of scientific research.

October 2019: public engagement event #1

April 2020: public engagement event #2

October 2020: public engagement event #3

February 2021: public engagement event #4

October 2021: public engagement event #5

February 2022: public engagement event #6