Conversations about Science and Society: COVID-19 Clinical Trials and Reproducibility

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Online Panel Discussion and Conversation


Tuesday, October 6th, 7-8:30pm

Moderator: Alan C. Love (Philosophy)

David Boulware (Infectious Diseases and International Medicine); Susan Kline (Division of Infectious Diseases and International Medicine); Michael Puskarich (Emergency Medicine); Radha Rajasingham (Division of Infectious Diseases and International Medicine)

The reliability of scientific research depends on whether it is reproducible, but the process of replicating results takes time. Under emergency circumstances, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, this can seem burdensome. How should we understand reproducibility in the context of clinical trials related to COVID-19? Does it matter whether investigators concentrate on prevention, treatment, or reducing the severity of the disease? Do emergency circumstances change how we think about the process of replicating results? Join us for an online conversation with four panelists who are leading COVID-19 clinical trials at the University of Minnesota to explore questions about scientific reproducibility at the intersection of science and society.


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